• Google Hangouts Update – Group SMS

    hangoutsOne of my biggest complaints following Google’s integration of SMS into their Hangouts app (seen first on the Nexus 5 and then subsequently on all handsets following the update to the Hangouts app on the Play store) was that if I wanted to send a group message, I was forced to do so as MMS, rather than SMS. The app automatically converted the message type. This may be OK for some – if their contract includes MMS messages, but as mine does not, it would have caused a significant rise in my mobile phone bill.

    Following the most recent update to the app, however, it is now possible to select SMS as the group messaging format of choice. This can be done by accessing the settings, selecting SMS and then unchecking the checkbox next to Group messaging (which reads “Use MMS to send a single message when there are multiple recipients”).

    After making this change, I am able to send group SMS messages.

    I am aware that there are a number of apps on the Play store which will also do this, but having tried a couple, I have found them to be both a little buggy, and in some cases to also send MMS rather than SMS messages (although they don’t tell you – it’s something I found out by emailing the developers).

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  1. Siddhartha says:

    I am using a Google Nexus 5. Could you please help me as when I select multiple receipients in Hangouts which is the default messaging app on my phone, it automatically converts it to MMS instead of SMS.
    Please assist as I do not wish to send IT as MMS but instead want to send the same message to multiple receipients as as SMS.

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