• Run for the World – Sheffield

    On Saturday I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph Sheffield’s Run for the World event happening in Graves Park. This is the first of these runs, which this year was raising funds for projects in Sheffield and abroad. R4TW is a global event set to take place on the same day across the globe. See their website for a full list of countries taking part.

    About the Projects



    In 2012 we are seeking to raise money for a Nomad cage that can be used by youth leaders in urban areas of Sheffield to provide activities that build relationships in which positive values can be communicated -our long-term aim is to see young people take on responsibility and leadership in their own communities.


    We are also giving a proportion of the money raised to a project in Zambia, Africa called ‘Just One Ball’.  270 trained sports coaches currently work with 4,500 young people using activities surrounding the “one ball” as opportunities to disciple, mentor and equip young people for life. Young men in particular are being trained to be leaders and parents in a continent lacking committed fathers.

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