• Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

    My daughter turned two relatively recently, and on asking her what kind of cake she wanted, she asked us for a “Thomas” cake. At the time, she was going through a phase of watching the old 1984 episodes.

    As challenges go, this was a fairly big one for me. Whilst I enjoy cooking and baking, the challenge of shaping a cake to this degree had never really presented itself. I had a look online at various other cake designs and came across a few ideas, many (most) of which involved spending way too much time trying to get everything perfect.

    I wouldn’t consider myself to be a perfectionist, but it is also important to me to have quality results – at least reminiscent of the object trying to be replicated. My aim was really to create a cake which was as inexpensive as possible, taking as little time as possible.

    The cake itself was a simple sponge cake and I used a combination of home-made butter icing (the blue for the body) and purchased rollable icing (for the black and grey areas – coloured using black food colouring), along with piped icing (for the red and yellow). I used a biscuit cutter to shape the boiler (which was quite hard to do) and otherwise cut all shapes out using a pairing knife. In total, I made two sponges in loaf tins.

    Overall, I would have liked the cake to be a little neater, but as the decoration alone took over two hours, I am satisfied with the efforts.

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