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2014 / 2015 Rates

The packages below as a guide but can be tailored to suit your individual needs. All packages include a large selection of images on which are placed very few restrictions for your personal use. Fees include travel to venues including the church (if possible), any additional locations and the reception venue. Alterations to the packages may incur additional costs.


Package 1: Church ceremony

If the only requirement is for photographs of the church reception, the kind of price you might expect to pay would be in the region of £550.

Package 2: Church ceremony and on-site shoot

This package includes photography in the church as well as a photo shoot either before or after the ceremony at a location of your choosing (within a distance limit). A typical price for this package would be in the region of £650.

Package 3: Church ceremony, on-site shoot and evening reception

This package includes coverage of the evening reception in addition. Prices for this package will be somewhat dependent on the length of the day. Typically, you might expect to pay £850 for this package.

Package 4: The whole day

This package includes ‘getting ready’ photographs before the church ceremony, as well as all the above. A typical cost of this package would be in the region of £1000.


Double Trouble:

Typically the packages advertised above only offer a single photographer. If you would like a second photographer to cover part or all of your special day, this can be arranged. There will obviously be an additional cost to this which will be dependent on the requirements. Please get in touch to ask about this service.