• Compatible Bluetooth Devices for Belkin YourType Keyboard

    Having tried a number of devices on on the keyboard, the following have been shown to exhibit some level of compatibility with the keyboard:

    • Kogan Agora Android tablet
    • Samsung (Google) Nexus 10
    • Samsung Galaxy S III
    • Sony Playstation 3

    I’ll endeavour to try other devices on the device such as iOS devices. I have tried to connect the keyboard to a Samsung Galaxy Ace but the phone would not connect.

    It must be noted that the keyboard is Android-specific, in that the shortcut keys are tailored to Android devices. Having said that, the back button on the keyboard worked correctly on the PS 3.

    Since trying the keyboard on different devices, I have also experienced some hard crashes. Both the tablet and the PS 3 crashed. The PS 3 would not even reset by pressing the power button – I had to pull the power cable out.

    The Kogan Agora would not automatically re-connect to the keyboard when the keyboard was turned on and sometimes required the Bluetooth on the tablet to be toggled before it would establish a connection. Conversely, when tested against the Nexus 10, almost as soon as the keyboard is switched on the tablet automatically establishes a connection.

    When switching between devices, the keyboard pairs itself to the most recently connected device. Whilst it will appear as an available paired keyboard on previously connected devices, you will need to re-enter an authentication code on the keyboard to re-establish the connection.

    I have also found that the keyboard shortcuts do not seem to work consistently across all Android devices (for example, the Web button does not launch Chrome on the Nexus 10).

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