• Comparison Review: Vacuum Coffee Savers

    Vacuum Coffee SaverIf you are interested in buying a vacuum coffee saver, there aren’t may options available. It is fair to say that this is a relatively niche item. A quick search on Amazon yields only a couple of different items; one being a single jar (pictured to the left) – the Vacu Vin Coffee and Tea Storage Container and the other being two glass jars in a single package – “COFISPOT” Set of 2 Vacuum Coffee Canisters. Both are priced around the same price point (£13-£15), yet it would seem as though one provides significantly better value over the other – in that for the same price you get two glass jars. I have tried both products and this article will act as a brief comparison between the two.

    One “tub” versus two jars

    The first thing to note is that whilst the Vacu Vin comes only as a single jar compared to the COFISPOT alternative, the capacities are in fact the same. If, for example, you had a 500g bag of coffee, it would have to be split between the two glass jars whereas it would fit perfectly within the Vacu Vin tub. If you want to keep two different beans, it is possible to keep them in separate bags, for example, placing them in the same tub. As a result, I would not consider it anything of a disadvantage to only have one tub.

    Quality of the seals

    With two vacuum seals being required for the COFISPOT items, it follows that the mechanism for holding the vacuum may not be as effective as that of the Vacu Vin. This, in my experience has been the case – one of the jars stopped holding a vacuum after only one month of use – and that is using beans as opposed to coffee granules. As a result, I would much rather have a single jar with a decent seal than two jars with rubbish ones.


    Both items come with pumps. The pump supplied with the Vacu Vin coffee container is far more effective (it’s bigger so creates a vacuum faster) and is a lot more comfortable to use.


    Naturally, being made of glass, should either of the COFISPOT jars be dropped, they would likely break. With the Vacu Vin being made of plastic, it is far less fragile and should stand the test of time better.


    Both items are fairly pleasant to the eye. The Vacu Vin being a lot larger is perhaps a little more obvious on a shelf and as a result, I think I prefer the overall aesthetics of the COFISPOT jars.


    Neither product is very rich on instructions. The Vacu Vin contains no information whatsoever with all information on the box. The COFISPOT box is entirely in another language (Polish, I think) and comes with a small printed piece of paper explaining that if ground coffee is to be used, it should be stored in a plastic bag to prevent blocking the vacuum valve.

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