• First Android App Available in the Play Store: 100 Day Bible Challenge Artwork

    100 Day Bible Challenge LogoFor quite some time I have been wanting to get into writing apps for the Android platform. Over the years, I have completed a tutorial here and a tutorial there, but have never really had a project which has resulted in me committing to writing an app which would be feature-rich enough to end up in the Google Play store. That is, until now. A friend of mine completed a challenge he set himself to create one illustration per day for 100 days for the 100 Day Bible Challenge. The 100 Day Bible Challenge ran as a group of students and young adults in Sheffield who spent 100 days reading the same passages of scripture on each day and sharing their thoughts and feelings about it.

    After the challenge was complete, the artwork was uploaded into the challenge website and an app was created for the iPad by Matt Atkins. I offered to write the equivalent Android app as my starting project. It’s available for download on the Google Play Store with the ability to read the relevant passage for each day of the challenge.

    There are still some features missing when compared to the iPad app – most notably there is no way to share the artwork (via Twitter of Facebook).

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