• “OK Google” on the Nexus 5 with English UK as your Language

    Update: Since writing this article, it would seem as though English UK is now supported. I’ll leave the article here as it may be of relevance to other languages.

    I read about an issue with the constant-listening feature of the Nexus 5, where saying “OK Google” would not work if you had any language other than English US as the system default. In having this language set, I have come across a number of issues, such as Amazon’s Android app loading the US store as well as having the default input language set to English US.

    The default language issue was an easy-enough issue to circumvent, as it is possible to pick other keyboard languages, but there really is no way around the Amazon app issue. In searching through the options though, I have managed to change the “voice search” language to English US, whilst leaving the rest of the system in English UK. This means that speaking “OK Google” does work and loads the search window, but that other apps and settings which rely on the system language also work.

    The setting for voice search can be found in the general settings, in a section called “SPEECH” under “Language & input”:
    Search settings 1 Search settings 2

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  1. Bob says:

    Nice tip thanks!

  2. Peter says:

    This is incorrect. The text to speech output when using Google Now is still in an US accent. The voice recognition is also tuned similarly, consequently some English words are not recognised or should I recognized. 🙂

    • Duncan says:

      What is incorrect? I have provided a method by which you can use the “OK Google” search, whilst not requiring your entire phone’s language to be set to English US. My work-around sets voice to English US, leaving the rest of the phone in English UK, so it makes perfect sense that you will have a US accent for TTS and that voice recognition will be tuned to English US – those are the settings you have chosen.

      • Alan says:

        I think he means the voice recognition is a bit flakey if you have a regional English accent, or say anything that is spelt completely differently to the way you prnounce it. Try asking about a welsh of football team, or town. It has no idea what you are saying because it is set to US English.

        • Duncan says:

          Fair enough. That’s not something I’ve tried. What difference does it make if you set voice search to English UK? Does it understand Welsh then?

  3. Halldor says:

    Thanks for this great tip! I never thought of this solution. This has been bugging me for the past few weeks.

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