• Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – Who Wants It?

    Samsung revealed plans to launch a new smartphone, based on the ever-more-popular Galaxy SIII. I have since seen it available for pre-order on Amazon, and it got me thinking about what would make me choose this phone over other offerings. The SIII Mini looks just like the original SIII in terms of shape and curve, and it must be said, is not actually that small. It’s just that the original SIII is massive. The screen on the S3 Mini is 4 inches corner-to-corner. It’s hardly a surprise that shortly after Apple announce the iPhone 5, that Samsung come out with a smartphone which can compete on screen size.

    The notable reported differences between the S3 and the S3 Mini are:

    • Display: 4.8 ” on the S3 and 4″ on the Mini
    • Resolution: 720 x 1280 (HD) on the S3 and 480 x 800 on the Mini (which, incidentally, is the same resolution as the SII)
    • Both handsets are now running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), though the S3 will likely require an update (note: the Jelly Bean update is on a gradual roll-out and is currently not available in all territories).
    • Processor power: The S3 sports a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU. The Mini only has a dual-core 1GHz CPU, which is notably slower than the dual-core 1.2GHz CPU on the S2.
    • Memory (RAM): The S3 and the Mini both run with 1GB RAM.
    • Camera: The S3’s camera is 8MP and records video at 1080p. The Mini has a 5MP camera and only manages 720p video recording. Both are HD and many would argue that there is little visible difference between 720p and 1080p when watched on every-day screens.
    • Storage expansion: both handsets will allow an expansion of the built-in memory via a MicroSD card.
    • Price: At the moment, the pre-order price of the S3 Mini on Amazon.co.uk is £300. The S3 itself is £100 more expensive at the time of writing (but is available cheaper through other sellers).


    Given the comparisons above and the differences between the handsets, I can’t really see that I would personally be interested in picking up an S3 Mini over the standard S3. Despite being newer, there does not seem to be any aspect in which the S3 mini betters it’s bigger brother. I’ll be keeping an eye out for reviews from people who have chosen the S3 Mini over the standard S3, to see what their motivations for doing so were. If I wanted something cheaper, I would look to buy the Galaxy SII rather than the S3 Mini, as so many features are similar, if not better on a handset which is available cheaper on Amazon than the S3 Mini (although Amazon’s own price is actually higher). Whilst the S2 is currently behind on the OS front, it would seem as though an update to Jelly Bean is a real possibility.

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