• Third OTA JellyBean Update on Samsung Galaxy III

    Chrome Samsung WAP HomepageThe latest update to my Samsung Galaxy SIII has been rolled out over the air (OTA). I don’t know if there were any significant features added in this update (as there have been in other updates). Presumably there have been some bug fixes.

    The major addition that I have noticed is the inclusion of Chrome, pre-installed on the device. As I had already had the Chrome app installed, I cannot be sure of whether it was this update which included it by default, but what I am certain of is that on an unrooted phone, it is no longer possible to uninstall. (It is possible to uninstall the updates to the app, but the app remains).

    The main update I seem to have found is Samsung having set a default homepage in Chrome. Aside from being an annoyance, it broke under certain circumstances (see image). This not only left me with a useless blank page every time I opened a new tab, but I had got used to being able to open my bookmarks from the new tab screen. It seems as though it is currently not possible to alter the default homepage for the Android Chrome app via any settings.

    In the end I was able to rid myself of this problem by pressing the context menu on the phone and selecting ‘Bookmarks’. Since doing that, the phone has remembered to open a new tab on the bookmarks page.

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