• Turning off / Disabling Samsung Multi-Window Mode

    Samsung Notification BarFollowing the most recent OTA update from Samsung (the second JellyBean update from Samsung) on my Galaxy SIII, as well as fixing a copy/paste issue, a new feature was introduced called “Multi-Window”. This new feature added a blue button to the side of the screen and allows fast switching of apps (I’m not aware that it does much more than that).

    In any case, I found the feature more of an annoyance than something that I would want and use, and searched all over the place to turn it off. Internet searches yielded nothing (probably as a result of how new the feature is) and scouring the settings on the phone proved unfruitful.

    Today, though, I found the toggle button I had been looking for. It has been added on to the end of the quick-toggle buttons on the phone’s notification panel (as seen in the screen shot). I’m much happier having it turned off.

    Using the Back Button

    Something worth noting, is that with multi-window mode enabled, holding the back button on the phone will hide the little blue tab. This may provide a suitable compromise between leaving the mode enabled but it not interrupting the normal use of your phone.

    Dual Screen in Action

    Below is are two examples of the dual screen in action. Using an email to check an address which can be put into Maps. The screenshot on the right shows the floating keyboard which is not attached to either of the two miniature screens. The keys on the floating keyboard are a little small and difficult to use though.

    SAMSUNG - Dual Screen

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  1. Brian says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have looked all over the internet for a solution!

  2. Liane says:

    Thanks for this, I have been looking too.

    You seem to have missed the point of the multi-window – namely it allows you to run certain apps ‘split-screen’ style. Open your first app by pressing one of the apps on the multi-window ribbon (only these support multi-window) then drag and drop another of the apps ontothe upper or lower part of the screen while.

    I found it useful to have maps above emails so I could look up a postcode location, but mostly I am finding the multi-window button an annoyance. It seems to be permanently in the way wherever I drag it! However the ability to turn it off and on easily seems a great compromise. Thanks.

    • Duncan says:

      I don’t doubt that the feature could be of use – it’s more the fact that there’s an ugly blue button which obscures part of the screen. It’s a feature which I will seldom use, so being able to toggle it quickly is great – I just didn’t know where to look for the toggle when the feature was added to the phone following the update. I would prefer a feature like this to be accessed via some kind of multi-finger gesture, similar to that used by iOS devices to task-switch – for example, swiping into the screen from off the screen with two fingers.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • steve says:

        that is really the issue. im sure its a handy feature but there seems to be no way to use it without having that annoying tab. it gets in the way. it doesnt dim when my screen dims (ruining my bedside clock app). basically cant sem to turn it off without canning the whole feature which seems like poor interface design.

        • Duncan says:

          I was thinking about this, and it really is the saving grace of this feature that it can be toggled so easily. It’s just that finding the toggle wasn’t obvious enough to me when the feature was first added. The downside is that although there are a number of situations when the feature would be very useful, the fact that it is not on by default means I’m not making use of it.

  3. Nick says:

    Just wanted to say thank…….too a few hours, then though Google! Thanks!

  4. Igor says:

    I didn’t even know how have I enabled this mode an not even know, how to name it. “Something annoying at the edge”. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Duncan says:

      Samsung enabled the mode by default in one of their updates. No subsequent update has turned it back on thankfully. Since writing this article, I think I have used multi-window more than a couple of times.

  5. Andrew says:

    Well, yeah, you can turn it off completely … or you can hold the back button until it goes away and hold the back button again when you want it.

    I personally find this feature very useful for repeated copy-and-paste.

    • Duncan says:

      Yes, indeed. It’s a useful compromise as it allows the little blue tab to be hidden while leaving the multi-window mode enabled.

  6. ditina says:

    Omg thank you soooo much!!! I did the exact thing u did, look for it in the settings, thanks for this you are a life saver :’D

  7. Wawira Nyagah says:

    Please help me uninstall the multi window up

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