• Yamaha RX-V375 Chromecast Music Playback

    Yamaha RXV375This is a quick post based on some recent experiences with music playback from the Chromecast (and PS3) through an AV receiver and some of the issues I have come across.

    I recently decided to invest in an AV receiver and based on the options available went for the Yamaha RX-V375. I was actually looking at a Denon model which was not in stock.

    One of the motivations for looking at an AV receiver has been so that I can use the Chromecast to play Google Music content – with the TV remaining off.

    For the first couple of days though I was unable to get audio  to play with the TV on standby. As long as the TV was on, music has played through the external speakers but as soon as I put the TV into standby, the music would stop. In a last attempt to get the music playing, I unplugged the HDMI cable leading from the receiver to the TV. Doing so caused the music to start playing. Obviously I can’t keep unplugging the cable every time I want to listen to music on the TV, but it turns out that if I properly turn the TV off (as opposed to leaving it on standby), the music starts playing.

    I have been in conversation with Richer Sounds, who have been amazingly helpful but they have been unable to figure the issue out. A lot of the suggestions that were suggested by the technicians are not available on my HD TV (a very cheap 2008-model) or have not worked. This has included turning off HDMI control (which was off after a factory settings restore).

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  1. Jan says:

    Duncan, this is an ancient post but I found it today and it helped me maintain my sanity. I had the same issue with Chromecast plugged into HDMI at the back of my Yamaha RX-V673 – connecting fine with Spotify but not playing through the speakers connected to Yamaha. I though that I had tried everything – very frustrating! Then your TV-on solution made it work for me.

    You might have moved on but I subsequently found another workaround – plug the Chromecast to the V-AUX HDMI input at the front panel. No need to keep the TV on. At least for me.



    • Duncan says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that I was able to help you find a solution. I’ve not moved on with the setup and still have to work around the issue.

      Sadly, my unit does not have a V-AUX HDMI on the front panel – just an audio and video in.

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